Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sketchy moods

This is a card I gave to my little sister :)

Also tried to make some human characters, experimenting with hair details etc. I really like it and hope I find some more time to work on this project in the near future.


Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hello there! 
I did not paint for a while, but still have some awesome news! I have a new exposition with +- 15 paintings at the docters practice! Next week I have to grab all of my paintings together, quite a work but not for today.. Feeling not so well the last couple of days, so stayed in bed...where I found the time to update all online things :)

I also gave myself some new little projects to work on to keep up the sketching besides my work! I really love my place at UNGA and I really need a job like that in the future! I now sketch new things and using new methods to improve myself. The last few weeks I spent some time making my own christmas cards :D, a birthday card for a lovely friend and a 'getwellsoon' one for my little sis, but this last one is still a secret!


Some bird sketches, Also made in the train.
The last few months I sketch with a blue or black pen rather than pencils :)


Don't know where I got the name from, but I think it matches the sketches :)

Dog sketches

Some random sketches I made in train.
The last one is Cheffie, our dog!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carp 2012

Finished my latest carp painting on canvas! It has been a year I made one on canvas. Mostly I sketch them, but I do like them all colored up!
Also transformed a scooter into a carp-ish thing, pictures will follow soon :)

I took the pic with my mobile so it's not that sharp as it should be!
In reality the painting is a bit brighter / lighter.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Carp and flowers in the mix!

You may have seen some sketches in older posts, I did start with color on the carp painting!
I think the mix of flowers and a fish is a bit new for me, but I'll hope it will turn out great :) Thinking of making the flowers more 'fake' with black lines to suggest them or so, but next thing to do is the carp itself!

At the moment I'm way to busy with projects for school, so I think the next time I can paint is in 4 weeks! Can't wait until then :). Karim also asked me to paint some scooter-parts for him! Bit curious about that :D

Great news!

Yes dear people, I have some great news! One of my paintings is selected to hang in an exposition the upcoming month in the central Library of Dordrecht! I'm so happy with this news! Since I know my starting date for my internship ( September 3rd ), I planned to paint a lot in these summer months. I'm not looking for an job so I can spent many hours with my dear acrylic tubes and pots.

The Exposition in the Library is about "Romantiek van A tot Z" [Romance from A to Z]. I was curious and sent a mail to the organisation of the expo with one of my paintings :) I don't have very romantic paintings, so I actually gave up, until today!

This one is the lucky one :

It's one from 2011, also one of my last finished paintings...oops!

The exposition is in the central library in Dordrecht :) [ Openbare Bilbiotheek ] from June 28th untill July the 28th. On the first of July all the artists will open the exposition during the huge book market here in Dordrecht [ 17e editie Dordtse boekenmarkt ].

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pen sketches II

Did not got the time to paint something on the carp canvas yet, but I did take the time to sketch during lectures and train next to crochet new scarfs! Experimenting a lot lately with different things :) but they are not always presentable or something haha!

some sketches with flowers, thinking of a new idea to 
paint in black white and grey hues.

Random girl looking upward & a sketch of my own hand, 
mention the K<3K at the right , I have the most adorable 
boyfriend in the universe :)

Made a picture from our sleeping cat Pippin ( left side )
sketched it from the photo and gave him a back :).

Ideas for the carp painting, the actual painting is supposed
to be whithout the bird ( reiger in Dutch).

This weekend is a busy one but maybe some time to do something at the background for the carp painting. Next weekend I'll be in Limburg, so no time to paint at all! GRRR
Really need some time.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Carp

Yes, it is a long time ago, the courses I followed past block were terrible busy. But here I'm back again! Of course I did sketch some little things during travelling or lectures, but not with really with a WOW factor in it. Last weekend I started to finish the painting with the hair, and got an amazing tip via Twitter ( @Bigrobhcmf ) how to make to hair more attractive, because now I agree it is a whole 'one' tone color. I have to lighten it up, but did not take the time for it yet :)

I also started a new painting, with in my mind new flowers, some soft colors. But Karim said he would love to see another carp on a canvas, so I decided to combine those two ideas and make one 'flying carp through flowers'. Bit curious what turns out of this combination.

It's just only the sketch so I will show you one little part of the head of the carp and one flower detail.

It is sketched on a 50cm x 50cm square canvas, with a 3D side which is aproximately 3cm thick. I hope it will turn out great. I planned the colors for the background : turquoise or light blue, but it have to be a clear color. The flowers are like Lilies, white flowers with maybe some yellow or pink details and green & olive leaves. The carp will be in the same way as the two last carps I painted, with copper, grey hues, yellow hues, pink and black and white of course. If I hit the city before I start with painting the carp I will buy some gold for the carp too.

I hope to paint soon!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pen sketches

Same here :) Girl with feathers, leaves and butterfly wings.

Fishies & crab

First flower sketches of this year, love to use black pen. [ blauwe druiven & madeliefjes ]

First flower sketches of the year - [ narcis & annemoon ]

Hope to paint soon :) maybe this weekend!
- finish the head and 1 edge
- finish the owl: have to do 1 edge
 -new one!