Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Carp

Yes, it is a long time ago, the courses I followed past block were terrible busy. But here I'm back again! Of course I did sketch some little things during travelling or lectures, but not with really with a WOW factor in it. Last weekend I started to finish the painting with the hair, and got an amazing tip via Twitter ( @Bigrobhcmf ) how to make to hair more attractive, because now I agree it is a whole 'one' tone color. I have to lighten it up, but did not take the time for it yet :)

I also started a new painting, with in my mind new flowers, some soft colors. But Karim said he would love to see another carp on a canvas, so I decided to combine those two ideas and make one 'flying carp through flowers'. Bit curious what turns out of this combination.

It's just only the sketch so I will show you one little part of the head of the carp and one flower detail.

It is sketched on a 50cm x 50cm square canvas, with a 3D side which is aproximately 3cm thick. I hope it will turn out great. I planned the colors for the background : turquoise or light blue, but it have to be a clear color. The flowers are like Lilies, white flowers with maybe some yellow or pink details and green & olive leaves. The carp will be in the same way as the two last carps I painted, with copper, grey hues, yellow hues, pink and black and white of course. If I hit the city before I start with painting the carp I will buy some gold for the carp too.

I hope to paint soon!

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