Monday, June 20, 2011

Two blogs for being creative.

A while ago I started another blog where I dump all sort of posts. Also posts with things I make. I am going to use this blog ( ) only for my paintings and inspiration. 

The other blog is for everything else. :)
So if you are curious and want to know why I don't post that much on this blog, you have to look at the other one!

In two long weeks my vacation starts! Then I am going to paint like crazy!!
For now on I have to focus on getting my Propedeuse  ( finish the first year? ) 


Monday, June 13, 2011


Got some new inspiration for paintings!!!
unfortunately Fieps didn't made the next day, he was too weak :( It was so said for his or little brother or sister! Now Coco has a new 'friend', a reindeer cuddly toy and a mirror which doesn't talk back, but coco is in love with it!
I hear happy quacks all the time :) Coco is doing well!!

The next picture is just a perfect composition for a new painting :)
Soon I will have the time to start with it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Way tooooo busy!

Know the feeling? Sometimes I really think I do way to much at once, it's my own fault because i want to do way toooooo much! But i didn't paint for a while .. Unfortunately!

I did make some sketches in my dummy.. these days I take it with me every day and sketch everything what's coming up in my mind or sight ;)

When there is almost no one in my sight in the train i sketch what I see. the first one is my little sister standing to a train door ( between compartments ). I am not going to try to sketch when there are people I don't know in front of me because i think they go crazy. I think it's the Dutch temperament. They already look silly when you are sketching something out of your mind!

The left one is a part of a roof from 3ME Faculty in Delft, during practicum i sketched this one. It looks like a roof from an aold factory only new, if you get it. haha

Im picking up Snoopy (middle one) tonight so she can stay at my place yippie :)! I hope when she's staying at my place she wouldn't be that lonely, because of the other 2 died last month or some earlier.