Saturday, April 30, 2011

Found some OLD pictures!

Found the sim-card of my old mobile, and saw all those old works of me! also how i made my fisrt big one :) no easel and really no idea how to use everything hahaha.

I think it was 2006 os maybe 2005! haha, changed a lot since then..


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Used again a 30x30cm canvas, last time i really lied the technique, so I decided to go on with it!
I want to make a whole new series of this kind of technique :) I like the number of colors used in the painting. ( painting is mirrored by my mac!! )

Didn't know how a sheepshead looked like, so I needed to find a side view of a sheep.
and used a bit of my own imagination so I put another ear on it, otherwise the painting would be dull.

When the background dried up, I started with the big lines like the contour of the head and the upper ear.
then madde the nose ( which wasn't that handy because I'm right handed so I had to be careful with the other side )

I think the neck has like three layers because i couldn't agree with the color palette haha! But now it's not  tooooo colorful as before, it was way to red, so it looked like a dead one.. hmm not good! but now it's more appropriate I think.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Almost 2000 viewers! WHOOHOO

How impressive! Never thought it would go that fast :)
Yesterday I started another blog with how I made my own clothes. I don't do it very much, but if I start I can't stop.. as always hahaha

Of course I'll post the most things on this blog because I love to paint more then making my own clothes, and my easel is always ready for me and the sewing machine not .. It takes so much time to put everything together when you want to use a sewing machine, so don't worry. I'll stick to the paintings!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Feelings

With this nice weather i had to paint! Im not scheduled for today so i decided to make some homework, shop a little and paint !!
I used two different methods. you see the background is more egal, this is because i use a lot of water.. so it looks like aquarel. The chicken is also made with acrylics only with much less water! the paint needs to dry very long because its a huge layer. I also used non realistic colors in the feathers, like Ultramrine Violet ands Pthalo Blue. for the lightning i used Azo Yellow Light ( all Talens Amsterdam )
of course I used Black and white ( Galeria by Windsow and Newton) and water haha
the background is made with white and one of my fav colors : greyish blue

Sunday, April 17, 2011


 blue bottles, only made with the camera of my mac.. so the colors are a bit different then in reality. they're much more darker and much more bright. ill try to post one made by my nomal camera if i dont forget.. Now heading home for new canvas and to get some black paint! totally forgot it last time.

Time to paint!

Yes, the time has come, no more exams :D and sleeping at my boyfriends place with a huge dining table, so i could paint all the way :) and dont have to clean everything up. love it.

here the beginning of tonight! im really tired of today, so i hope ill wake up early tomorrow to go on with this cutie canvas 30x30cm
started with Cobalt Blue Hue, and some prussian blue pthalo. mixing with white.. and you get a glass effect! Yes i use different brands of paint, because some brands dont have the color i want.. I always stick at Windsor and Newton, Reeves and Talens Amsterdam
The paintingshirt im wearing is from Talens :) got it at the competition for TalensPalet!