Sunday, October 31, 2010

My favourites

Trees 50x60cm


 Magnolia's 70x200cm

more paintings!

one of our cats Tommy

I have more 'try-outs' like this lighthouse. I wanted to make some clouds, but i discovered the painting with only some clouds was too boring so i made a lighthouse on it! I love the red/blue contrast.

The still life with only one color is one of my paintings i made at my paintingclass. I have a few french water botles at home, and i wanted to have one on a painting! the paqinting is 40 x 50 i guess.
A few moths ago i painted live in an old historical building in Dordrecht. One of the paintings is the old fence. i think its
quite succesful.

A still life : this painting is made layer for layer. ( called 'glaceren'in dutcth
I don't know how to spell it in English).

Two little fishies i made for my new born nephew Joaz ! I hope he likes it hihi


 I like to use pink colors. Magenta is one of my favourites, you can make so much different colors with it! here's a collection where i use pretty much red/pink/green.
The detail of the tulips so you can see a white layer is putted on later.
the tulips on the right is made on 50 x 50 cm

i think this one is really sweet 50 x 50 cm

step by step

 When I want to have the painting bright colors, I lett the parts to be bright empty. I start to make to background, then the smaller things en at last the bright colors. you can see it for yourself down here :

Paeonia lactiflora - 50 x 60 cm

Part of older collection :)


Happy Halloween!

I found some time to update my blog! beside the small paintings in the last blogs, I've made also bigger paintings.
This parrot with flowers is my second big painting i've made.  120x120 cm.
It's a very colorful painting. I didn't use any black for the parrot / flowers / background / leaves, so the colors stayed so bright as they can.

 I found a small picture of these two. I will take a new picture so you can see the structure of the paint.

The last two paintings for now are a bit the same. the red one is my first big painting with a sort of flower. i really like the blue background combined with the dark colors of the flower itselves. this painting is one of my favourites.
The pink one is based on the red one, but with more brighter colors in it. this Painting gives you a more happier feeling than the other with the red flowers. this painting is also sold ! :) Both paintings are 100 x 120 cm.
There are much more paintings yet to come, so come back soon to take a look if you want!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

older paintings

The painting of the goose is one of my first painitings. It's an acrylic painting with the size : 24 x 30 cm.

 This painting with the flowers is my first one I made, I noticed in the beginning i really like to use bright colors. you can see this in my other paintings.
 Another color explosion I made for a girlfriend of mine. in the year 2006 or 2007.
This is a painting of the passed away dog from my boyfriends parents. In this painting I like the 'falling' flowers. It gives you a sort of an emotional feeling. ( the rabbit also passed away, so I put him on this painting ) 50 x 60 cm

I will put more paintings online when I've got the time for it!

let's make a blog for my paintings!

I was thinging how to put my paintings online. I often look at and saw most of the painters have a blog! so I decided to make one to for those of you who'd like to see my work. I wanted to get better so I subscribed to a paintingclass in Dordrecht in January 2010.  I'm still following that class and I really think I'm progressing because of that.
I will put the most of my work online, the old ones and new ones, so you can see for yourself. I hope you like it!