Saturday, December 31, 2011

Short overview!

What a noise coming from outside " thunder"! One of our cats is hiding in my room; at a place i could not imagine a cat fits there! ahhh..
This week I was very busy with my portfolio till Word wouldn't help me anymore :( couldn't save the recovery file and Word tripped again! luckily I saved the images in another map on my mac :) so i'm happy again! haha! I adjusted the perspective of the paintings with photoshop --> warp function! :) So here's an overview from some paintings of mine hihi! Just dropped them random in this post!

Still have to do more :) like the Carp painting!
But now it's time to bake some cake and make cookies for tonight!

Have a great New Years Eve !!! 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Found some sketches of a course I did last year! From Friday on I will be at home again and will adjust the deer's nose. Hopefully I also have some time left to make some new (little) paintings! maybe something to do with Christmas or so!

Posted the sketches on ! :)

Etching : Made in my last year of the secondary school