Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Cuties


Today I Finished the painting with the carps, The edges are painted black so it looks like a frame.
This two little ones, both 20x20cm are also painted today. They've the same composition but the colors make them so different. The new color I used for the first time : left one terra-cotta pot : is made with dark brown, red, orange and white. First red and white so you get pink, then mixed orange and brown with it..
Now the only thing I have to do is finding a place to hang them!
and for the next painting I want to make some poppies and more terra-cotta pots!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fishies Part II

aaaarghrhrh! haha I'm sorry, but I just don't have the techniques yet to create the visual effect of water! I hope I will have it some day. Fish are very hard to paint.. I do like flowers more to paint haha so my next one will be some more floral! And no.. noooooo water plants !

I adjusted the color of the left fish, and tried to make the other fish a look-a-like. The thing which i like is the eye! i really love to make eyes. i don't know why but it gives a good feeling. An animal or something without a well painted eye, is a bad painted animal in first place. The eye makes something some more alive, and I think the eyes on this painting are the only things which are alive :P..

The painting isn't ready yet, i want to make the plants more realistic with some light fall on it, and a darker edge. but for now on, I'm happy with it and I hope my boyfriend is also happy!

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