Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hello there! 
I did not paint for a while, but still have some awesome news! I have a new exposition with +- 15 paintings at the docters practice! Next week I have to grab all of my paintings together, quite a work but not for today.. Feeling not so well the last couple of days, so stayed in bed...where I found the time to update all online things :)

I also gave myself some new little projects to work on to keep up the sketching besides my work! I really love my place at UNGA and I really need a job like that in the future! I now sketch new things and using new methods to improve myself. The last few weeks I spent some time making my own christmas cards :D, a birthday card for a lovely friend and a 'getwellsoon' one for my little sis, but this last one is still a secret!

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