Sunday, November 21, 2010

Light - Dark

I recently changed my room and also my paintings. I've changed some colorful paintings for some more black and white. Next week i'll have to pick up 10 paintings of me at the 'Vijverhof'. I really don't know where to hang them! in two weeks I also have to pick up three paintings from 'Lancelot Wonen'.. I NEED MORE WALLS! haha.

Im still doubting about how to hang this painitng .. It's really nice vertically ( for the wallspace haha ) but horizontal is also nice! For now i think it's good as it is.
Tomorrow we're going to paint in the style of Charly Toorop (think of  mad faces ).So when i've got the time, I will update my blog again! But it's a very busy week so  I don't promise anything.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tried to make a portret

Girl 30x30cm

In the style of Kees van Dongen ( you can google him if you want ) Van Dongen uses very bright colors in a light/dark contrast. Dark backgrounds versus white skin of the woman. I also worked in layers as you can see on the left picture. I've seen just a few of his paintings and I noticed he paints the most of the time woman. Sad women with very big eyes. The color of the shadow is green or blue.. the contrast colors of the warmer ones. I mixed it up with my own colorful style and this is the result ! (right one! )

Friday, November 12, 2010

TalensPalet 2011

I just signed up for the Talens Palet competition 2011 !
It's a painterscompetition with a theme, and it's my first time to do a sort of competiton.
The theme is about a book of Tommy Wieringa, Caesarion. I don't know the book haven't read it, maybe I will, but not anytime soon! I've so much work to do !!But I'm very curious what im going to paint! Don't know yet .. but Im going to start with making some sketches. If you like to take a look at the site of TalensPalet, you can look here :   ( dutch ).

I really like this kind of things that can get you to a higher level in you're working skills and how you think.
We shall see! I'll upload the sketches i want to make, soon.
Maybe if you're interested in this competition too, you must sign in!

Au revoir!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The result : more blue

Goose 100 x 70 cm
I finished the painting yesterday evening. you see I've used much more blue in the shadows. I also started a new painting with wine ( 60 x 80 cm ). the new painting won't be ready for teh exposition, so I have to use an older painting.  Now I have to learn for an upcoming exam at Thursday. Hope i'll pass!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Painting in Progress

 I had a painting I wanted to do over. I got stuck, so I decided to make a new painting! I still need a painting for the next exposition at 'Aswa keukens', but the themes for that expositions were wine and French landscapes. I really do not like landscapes ( I tried two times before but it won't work with me). the other option was wine, but i im not so into still life at the moment. So i came up with these gooses! I get a fench feeling.. don't you ;)
On the first painting you can see my old painting ( a chair on a porche .. )

Trying out a new style

Recently, I wanted to try out some new ways of using paint. I wanted to make a few paintings with bigger lines. And wit reflections on glass which aren't realistic. Our theme at the paintingclass was Picasso and wine. I chose wine.

Glass with lemon 50x50 cm

Two Wine 40 x 40 cm 

Although, the color purple and dark red don't match.. When you put them next togheter on a white wall, you'll see everything is possible.

Cobalt blue hue

 A while ago, someone asked me if I could make one painting for them with a specific color. Since then I used the color much more often. Cobalt blue. I like the color blue, especially comined with black. So i made them a painting ( 150 x 100 if I remember it well ) with Cobalt blue and black! this is the result :

You do not see it on this picture, but the black background is '3D'. you can feel the background. When there's light on it you will see the shadows of the background. I like it.