Thursday, June 20, 2013

product photos


Hello world!

I earned an honorable mention with a nation design contest, called the "HEMA ontwerpwedstrijd" I'm really pleased by receiving this prize. It's really awesome actually. I can put this on my C.V. so i'm quite happy. :)
This is my product !
Its a tiny spider! You can put the little spider on a plastic bottle with water.... Put it in the soil of your plants... and voila! you don't have to give your plants water anymore! until the water runs out of course :)
more explanations and visuals on my portfolio website! > WATERSPIN HEMA ONTWERPWEDSTRIJD <

You also can vote for my design! maybe it will produced and end up in the HEMA stores.
I will put a link >here< on upcoming Monday.. The last round will start on next Monday! So I'm a bit curious about the expectations and the votes!

If you like my design .. VOTE for me!
the link will be here on upcoming monday :)

Friday, June 14, 2013


I'm finishing my Bachelor at the TU Delft at the moment, so I am way too busy :)
here some quick sketches

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

sketching classes

Way to busy with learning new techniques and adjusting sketches with Photoshop CS6

here's my first sketch transformed into a jpeg on the computer. For this course we need to hand some of these project at the end of the course.

removed the background

adjusted contrast, colors, logo, chrome, etc

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grumpy cat

I love to sketch this weirdo cat

no updates

Sorry for my lack of updating.
I am back at the University and have lots of stuff to create. I'm following new sketching classes, which I really like to do. Next to that I'm attending the next Hema Ontwerpwedstrijd 2013. Last but not least, I have also a job!!
My other blogs are updated a bit ( still not finished yet.. will it ever be? )..

Here is one of my last pieces! Made it for my sis, she turned 20 last Sunday.

If you want to see what i've been up to..