Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pen sketches II

Did not got the time to paint something on the carp canvas yet, but I did take the time to sketch during lectures and train next to crochet new scarfs! Experimenting a lot lately with different things :) but they are not always presentable or something haha!

some sketches with flowers, thinking of a new idea to 
paint in black white and grey hues.

Random girl looking upward & a sketch of my own hand, 
mention the K<3K at the right , I have the most adorable 
boyfriend in the universe :)

Made a picture from our sleeping cat Pippin ( left side )
sketched it from the photo and gave him a back :).

Ideas for the carp painting, the actual painting is supposed
to be whithout the bird ( reiger in Dutch).

This weekend is a busy one but maybe some time to do something at the background for the carp painting. Next weekend I'll be in Limburg, so no time to paint at all! GRRR
Really need some time.

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  1. Soooooo chic! Check my blog sweetie and tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! Kisses