Friday, November 12, 2010

TalensPalet 2011

I just signed up for the Talens Palet competition 2011 !
It's a painterscompetition with a theme, and it's my first time to do a sort of competiton.
The theme is about a book of Tommy Wieringa, Caesarion. I don't know the book haven't read it, maybe I will, but not anytime soon! I've so much work to do !!But I'm very curious what im going to paint! Don't know yet .. but Im going to start with making some sketches. If you like to take a look at the site of TalensPalet, you can look here :   ( dutch ).

I really like this kind of things that can get you to a higher level in you're working skills and how you think.
We shall see! I'll upload the sketches i want to make, soon.
Maybe if you're interested in this competition too, you must sign in!

Au revoir!

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