Sunday, November 21, 2010

Light - Dark

I recently changed my room and also my paintings. I've changed some colorful paintings for some more black and white. Next week i'll have to pick up 10 paintings of me at the 'Vijverhof'. I really don't know where to hang them! in two weeks I also have to pick up three paintings from 'Lancelot Wonen'.. I NEED MORE WALLS! haha.

Im still doubting about how to hang this painitng .. It's really nice vertically ( for the wallspace haha ) but horizontal is also nice! For now i think it's good as it is.
Tomorrow we're going to paint in the style of Charly Toorop (think of  mad faces ).So when i've got the time, I will update my blog again! But it's a very busy week so  I don't promise anything.

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