Sunday, October 31, 2010

more paintings!

one of our cats Tommy

I have more 'try-outs' like this lighthouse. I wanted to make some clouds, but i discovered the painting with only some clouds was too boring so i made a lighthouse on it! I love the red/blue contrast.

The still life with only one color is one of my paintings i made at my paintingclass. I have a few french water botles at home, and i wanted to have one on a painting! the paqinting is 40 x 50 i guess.
A few moths ago i painted live in an old historical building in Dordrecht. One of the paintings is the old fence. i think its
quite succesful.

A still life : this painting is made layer for layer. ( called 'glaceren'in dutcth
I don't know how to spell it in English).

Two little fishies i made for my new born nephew Joaz ! I hope he likes it hihi

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