Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello world!

I earned an honorable mention with a nation design contest, called the "HEMA ontwerpwedstrijd" I'm really pleased by receiving this prize. It's really awesome actually. I can put this on my C.V. so i'm quite happy. :)
This is my product !
Its a tiny spider! You can put the little spider on a plastic bottle with water.... Put it in the soil of your plants... and voila! you don't have to give your plants water anymore! until the water runs out of course :)
more explanations and visuals on my portfolio website! > WATERSPIN HEMA ONTWERPWEDSTRIJD <

You also can vote for my design! maybe it will produced and end up in the HEMA stores.
I will put a link >here< on upcoming Monday.. The last round will start on next Monday! So I'm a bit curious about the expectations and the votes!

If you like my design .. VOTE for me!
the link will be here on upcoming monday :)

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