Friday, February 17, 2012


Really had no time to paint anything :( Last weeks were very busy! I do have a week off soon, so I will plan somedays to do nothing but painting haha! What I did do in the train travelling home or to the university was sketching.. I also did this during colleges. OOPS!

haha sometimes they are a bit weird.. but it's a sketch! I hope I will have my sketchbook filled up at the end of this semester :) Here are some of my newest sketches with pen.
I also love to draw with pencils, but somehow I can't scan them to my laptop, they're invisible! For one sketch I did use a photo of our cat ( the one with pippin on it). The rest is right away produced from my mind and fingertips!

Maybe i'll make some pictures of it with my camera.

Some bit else than my normal work, but I really like to do something while doing nothing actually.. like sitting in the train :)

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