Monday, July 11, 2011


Oh love the water surface with all those insects! Not that I love insects... YUK but when the do not come too close to me i like to watch them. I won't paint them because I think they ruin my painting. And I do want the attention goes to the flowers. the colorful parts in the painting have to be the eye catchers and not the black little spots with 4/6/8 legs or something...

Made it on a 40x40 centimeters canvas board with wooden frame.

Started with the water, wet in wet. Dried for 1 hour, and then did the 'leaves' also wet-in-wet and made the shadows with pruissian blue, ( love this hue! ) and finnaly ended up with making the flowers of course used the wet-in-wet method!


  1. Hi Kim ! This work looks so elegant ! Love it =)) Great job !!!


  2. your pictures are amazing! My aunt is also an artist and make similar pictures! I'm really impressed and visit your blog very often :)


  3. Hey Shiki and Elisabeth! thank you for the comments :D lovely to hear!! Will look at your blogs also! XX