Monday, February 21, 2011

New Fav

It's a too long time I updated and painted! it's just not normal how busy i am with the Universit / work / boyfriend.. and really not myself.. I'm so relieved i have a week off next week! so I wanted to start this week good, with making a painting on Sunday eve! and I know myself, I just cant get enough so here I am at 0:05 AM updating my blog with my newest painting Which is still drying at my easel !!
I started another way this time, like i used to. first painting the foreground and then when it's dry more and more coloring the background. you see some reddish is still wet. I used the wet-in-wet technique to get the red-yellow contrast. I did NOT use white with red because the red would turn into pink! i did use a little white to make my yellow more soft, when you mix white wit yellow BEFORE mixing with red you will not get pink ;)

When the painting was still wet i couldn't wait to get started with the brown parts, i used black for the shadows and white with burned umber to get the lighter parts in it. I did the green leaves right away so the attachment of the leaves with the tree is a bit brown - looks more natural - i also used black and brown mixed in the leaves so the leaves wouldn't be too green.

This one is the result! i really like the blue background which follows the contours of the flowers.  I don't know for sure if i'm going to make highlights on the flowers with white linings.. I'm going to sleep one night about that! and that's why my name is still not on it! I surely want to paint one or two more paintings this week! especially when it takes the time this one took ! just a little more than 4 hours.

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